Brain freeze


Brain Freeze
Summer feels so hot and make me want to eat an ice cream.
And… when i eat that delicious ice cream … suddenly….
The brain freeze attack !!!

Lol, i usually pressing my tongue against the roof of the mouth to warm this area and tilting my head back for about 20 seconds.. and voila ! It is gone !



Time fly fast

 Time fly fast.

Is there any things that you not accomplished in the last year ?

Let’s start this year with setting your goal, and planning your life for this whole year.

Dare to dream high.


Star Wars : The force awakens

Long long ago in a galaxy far far away…

In my own opinion, this is a great movie.

Other then that, this is the first time i saw a movie in 4Dx3D. It is like riding one of the games in a theme park.

It makes me think about how fast technology has been growth.

Looking forward how the movie industries will grow.

Meet Yoda !

Since last week there is a new member live at my apartment. I now knew that hamster is a night creature. He will become more active when his surrounding is dark.

His name is Yoda !!

Bass guitar on a band

Even Though I can’t play a guitar bass, I like how a guitar bass giving color in a music.

It creates an atmosphere and can bring the audience into different level of hearing music.