Call Me Maybe – Cover by Andy Nishikado Feat. Finn

Cover another song. So sorry, of low quality sound because i set the gain to high.

Original Song by Finn – Ferris Wheel

It is a beautiful song by Finn. You can hear the original one from here : So sorry, of low quality sound …

Tuhan, ku Jauh Original by Andy Nishikado

I made this song to remind me how far i lost before, so i can always realize where is my position right now. Sometimes we don’t understand if we are already lost.

Brain freeze


Brain Freeze
Summer feels so hot and make me want to eat an ice cream.
And… when i eat that delicious ice cream … suddenly….
The brain freeze attack !!!

Lol, i usually pressing my tongue against the roof of the mouth to warm this area and tilting my head back for about 20 seconds.. and voila ! It is gone !