S’bab Hanya dekatMu

Sometimes, there is up and down in my life. There is problem everywhere, and sometimes I just want to run away from it. This song that give me new motivation when i am down. Please enjoy this song.

Lyrics bellow :


Disaat kudambakan ketenangan di hati

Kurindu damai yang sejati

Kau datang dengan kasih

Puaskan jiwaku, Ingin ku bersama-Mu

Chorus :

S’bab hanya dekat-Mu

Allahku ku rasa tenang

S’bab hanya dekat-Mu

Allahku kedamaian abadi

S’lalu di hidupku

English (raw translation)

When I long for peace in my heart

I long for a true joy to fill my heart

You come with love

Satisfy my soul, I want to be with You


Only when I’m near You

My God I feel assured

Only when I’m near You

I can feel the true joy

Always in my life

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