Think, Research, Ask

Think, Research, Ask

All of us know about this 3 things right.

What I mean about think is, if there is something that we don’t know, we think from what we already knew and try to find the answer by ourselves.

What I mean about research is, we are looking for a new resource or reference like internet, books, encyclopedia, etc.

What I mean about ask is, we ask somebody else about what we don’t know.

The three things are important in our daily life. But, in my opinion, what comes first is more important. Let’s look it using a case. Let’s talk there is a place that you have to go. So what will each step will do.


I will think from my experience, how to go there. Have I ever been there ? How can I get there ?


I will look at google map and simply raise questions such as where the place is located, how far it is, what route is available, how much it will cost, etc.


I will ask for opinion from friends, or someone who has been there.

Yes ! It will be easier if we just ask somebody and get the answer immediately. But let’s see what will happen if we only do one of it. In this case, if we only do the think part, we can arrive to that place. But, the trip time may longer than we expect. Or, it may cost a lot, and at the end, may ruin our plan. If we only look for brief information without thinking or asking for another opinion, we can achieve something but we do not get the optimized away. The last one is if we only ask to other people, it is the fastest way to get an answer. But, it will make us a dull. If there is a similar case, we still don’t know how to solve it.

What am I going to do ?

What I would do is, first i will research. I collect all the data that i need. After I get enough information, I will choose the best info. And i will repeat this process until I can’t get more information. For example, i will look for information such as, how far it is, is there any station near that place, how much it will cost if i am using a public transportation or my own car, I will be going alone or with friends (how many), etc.  After that, i will think to find which is the best one. I will compare the cost, time, or it will be a great journey or not. After i find the best one, I will looking for somebody that have been there, and asking for their opinions. Of course I will tell them what I have been searched beforehand.

I have a kind of bad habit before. It is easily ask google.

In my experience, nowadays we can get to another place easily using google maps and GPS. Yes, I do it a lot. The problem is come after that. I can’t remember how to go to that place !! Every time I want to go there, I will start my phone to looking for the same places ! I try to change that “bad habit”. Nowadays I will try to search beforehand, the place i want to go, which road that i have to take, and then I will use google maps ONLY for a tools that helping me. (The big difference is, I know which road that I have to take before I hit the road and not 100% believing in Google maps).

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