Visiting Hiroshima

It’s been awhile since i update my site.

2018 start with me traveling to Hiroshima.

It is a long drive and very tiring, because i’m exhausted and caught a cold.

(Thanks God that i go with a lot of friends so it is not get boring)

It is a long way, but yes it’s deserved it.

I visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Flame of Peace.

I arrived around 17:30 and yes it is very cold !

At first we see the Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genpaku dome).

You can read the history of this site there, and i heard from my friend, if you come there evening, you can hear the story straight from person that survive the Bombing in Hiroshima.

I go around and see the dome from all sides.

I feel, how cruel humanbeing can be because of their desire.

Eventhough the bombing end the war, i don’t like how it is done.

After that we go to flame of peace (it is near only 3 minutes walk from the dome)

Flame of peace is will always lid.

It will always lid until all of atomic bomb in this world gone.

Actually, i want to see the moment this flame off.

PS : We go to Miyajima to, it is a great place, but nothing special for me there so i didn’t put it in my diary.

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